Terra Cielo Mare

An Independant Company

Terra Cielo Mare is an independent society directed by a group of passionates who, since generations, operate in the watch industry. In a sector now characterized by big groups, where personal relations have lost value, TCM privileges direct relations with their spokespersons. TCM addresses to an “evolved” clientele who searches for a coherent watch with its story and personality at a price range in line with its technical contents of study and quality.

Rare Handcrafted Watches

The TCM production, of excel artisan characteristics is limited by nature: we research particular movements and avant-garde materials. The distribution on the market is therefore selective and limited to little specialized sellers who have an authentic passion for this industry.

L’orologio dei Temerari

The spirit of the company is that to courageously push itself, with its unique characteristics, in a market characterized by the uniformity, standardization and globalization of the products and markets. It is this the reason why there is a constant reference to those that in history have gone beyond every common sense with extraordinary ventures: becoming therefore the Temerarious.

Italian Culture, swiss quality

In this world, Italy is synonym for style and design. TCM therefore proposes itself to divulge this culture, with the “Swiss Made” quality. These two souls, which coexist in the same product, confers to TCM unique characteristics on the market creating a watch that is “beautiful and reliable”.

Young but strong, thanks to the experience of a family that since four generations works in the high watch making industry, Luca Fontana, CEO of the company, fully represents the spirit of the society and proposes to bring innovation and pair it with the tradition of the watch world.